Adrian Ghenie


Ever since his first solo exhibition in 2006, Adrian Ghenie—born in Romania in 1977, and also raised there—has garnered attention and excitement with his highly unconventional compositions and stupendous technique. Like a master storyteller, he confidently guides us through images both figurative and abstract, in order to allow us to catch a glimpse of his interpretation of history. Ghenie’s grand themes are power and its abuses, as well as forced exile and migration, which he weaves into suggestive imaginaries by borrowing boldly from the history of both art and cinema.

Above and beyond his gallery exhibitions in England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United States, a number of museums have already dedicated retrospective exhibitions to the young artist. A show at the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Bucharest in late 2009 will be followed, in 2010, by the S.M.A.K. in Ghent. In summer 2009, Hatje Cantz published a first monograph, while the art magazine “FlashArt” published a widely noticed cover story on him in November 2009. A publication on his works on paper is forthcoming.