Edouard Baribeaud


The work of Edouard Baribeaud is characterized by his bilingualism and a dual cultural identity. Born in 1984 to a French father and a German mother he was brought up in France and studied book illustration and printmaking at Paris’ prestigious École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. In 2010 he moved to Berlin, where he has since created an impressive body of works on paper. Baribeaud has an astonishing command of the classical techniques (pen and ink drawing, painting in watercolors and gouache paint) - and delights in mixing them freely, combining seemingly incompatible styles within the same drawing. Don’t be surprised to encounter a sprayed stickman walking through a grisaille landscape executed with the accuracy of an old master. Or to find several Dutch genre scenes blended into one trompe-l’oeil collage. Baribeaud likes to contrast the mundane with the mythical, to lead archaic figures through modern landscapes - and in doing so, to blend real personal experiences with invented memories. His works sometimes carry French, sometimes German titles - depending on whatever speech melody better fits the image. In addition to the history of art and the experiences of everyday life, Baribeaud often turns to film history as a source of inspiration. The fact that he likes working in extended series, with the individual drawings bearing a chronological and narrative coherence, point to this cinematic approach to drawing. In his most recent series, Hic sunt leones, the artist paints with gouache color on considerably larger sheets of paper. If this is evidence of a move towards painting, then this move comes with an equal measure of imaginativeness and ease as have distinguished his oeuvre to date.