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Galerie Judin
Potsdamer Strasse 83
10785 Berlin

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Tuesday – Saturday
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Galerie Judin, which has been based in Berlin since 2008, was founded in Zurich in 2003. Its very first exhi­bi­tion, Barry Le Va—A Sur­vey of Draw­ings 1966—2003 & Two New Sculp­tures proved to be exemplary for Juerg Judin’s inter­ests and inten­tions: a contemporary view of under­rated oeuvres in recent art history, elab­o­rately produced exhibi­tions and carefully researched pub­lica­tions, a program in which con­tem­po­rary art gets to hold its own along­side great names of twenti­eth century art—and a concentration on the “tradi­tional” media of paint­ing, draw­ing and sculp­ture. Par­tic­u­larly works on paper, Judin’s great pas­sion as a col­lector, have always been given much space: Exhi­bitions with a retro­spec­tive char­ac­ter have been ded­icated to the drafts­man­ship of Richard Artschwager, Carroll Dunham and Eugen Schönebeck, to name just a few.

Among the younger painters rep­re­sented by the gallery, fig­u­ra­tivism can be identi­fied as the unifying ele­ment. This common thread runn­ing through the program resists the trend of the times just as much as the restraint the gallery has exercised in growing its stable of artists. From 2008 to 2013 a partn­er­ship with New York gal­lerist David Nolan enabled much-acclaimed exhibitions such as George Grosz—The Years in Amer­ica and Mar­tin Kip­penberger—The Complete Poster Portfo­lios. Since 2016, Judin has run the gallery jointly with art historian Pay Matthis Karstens. Two ambi­tious long-term projects have emerged from this collab­o­ra­tion: the com­pi­la­tion of the cat­a­logue raisonnés for Eugen Schönebeck and Michael Buthe, who died in 1994.